The logo for 4JH Training Solutions in Southampton and Swansea. It shows the characters 4 J and H with the H forming a crane with a medical cross at the hook point. This is to show the training in construction and medical care that James Hawkins and his team provide.

4JH - Delivering training courses based in Southampton and Swansea for employers, employees and individuals

An image showing a first aid trained person providing care to a patient. This is to show the first aid training in and around Southampton and Swansea that 4JH provides.

4JH are the training course delivery experts

Welcome to 4JH, the Southampton and Swansea based training experts specialising in first aid training, mental health at work and much more. We’re a small family run business that has been delivering professional courses both locally and nationally for over 20 years. All of our trainers are either ex-military or medical professionals with years of experience applying these skills in the real world. Many of our team have extensive experience applying Health and Safety training, as well as other packages, in the construction industry. Because of this, our staff are well placed to help you and your company build your knowledge across a range of areas.

Training courses such as first aid and fire marshaling are legal requirements for businesses, but they’re also so much more. These courses develop individuals, aid mental health and make a working environment safer and happier. 4JH was founded on a simple premise, to train people in a range of skills that would make people safer, all whilst engaging with our clients and making the learning enjoyable. We firmly believe that by enjoying these courses, by laughing and learning at the same time, people will remember the skills that could ultimately save lives.

All of our instructors are fully qualified by the recognised national governing bodies and the qualifications we award are too.

We deliver both public and private training courses. If you would like to book a private course for your business or company please contact us today using the form here and we will work with you to deliver your training.

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Our 4JH team provide high-quality training bespoke to your needs. If there is a course that would benefit your team and you would like to add extra training, we can build a bespoke course. We pride ourselves on the excellent level of service and will guide you through the requirements for your courses so as to maximise your training.

Perhaps your team needs new skills, or maybe you are an individual looking to enhance your CV. Our training courses are open to all and of any level. Because we believe in providing training for all, we live by that and train all levels from complete beginners to experienced hands.

The training courses that we run are nationwide, students can attend our offices in either Southampton or Swansea; or we can travel to your company’s office. This flexibility allows an easy transition for employees who don’t need to move from their normal place of work.

A cartoon image showing a trainer giving an instructional lesson to a class. This is to show the lessons that 4JH provide in Southampton, Swansea and nationwide.
A cartoon image of a management course being delivered to a client by 4JH in either Southampton or Swansea.

Our operations team schedule courses 6-8 weeks in advance for prospective attendees to book on to. However, if you would like to book a specific course at your offices, we can also deliver our courses in this way.

Our team of experienced trainers provide a relaxed setting which allows students to thrive on our courses. By choosing to work with our highly experienced trainers, students gain from a wealth of real-world knowledge. These interactions mean that more learning can occur as discussions on courses can take form around examples where these skills have been used for real.

The 4JH family love the interactions we get from teaching and sharing our knowledge. Yes, it’s legally mandated for companies to train their staff but we strongly believe that this can still be fun and a course can be enjoyable for all. To learn more about us and our family of trainers please feel free to explore our Meet the Team page.

Are you a qualified instructor working in Southampton or Swansea and wanting to join the 4JH Training Team?

If you’re a qualified instructor working in the Southampton or Swansea areas and would like to join our instructor team, please contact us today. We offer competitive pay packages alongside a fun and friendly working environment.