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4JH has been delivering high quality training courses to individuals and companies alike for over two decades. But who are we?

Fundamentally, we’re a family run training business who believe in providing high quality training at affordable and fair prices. That’s what a company can expect from us, but what about individuals or attendees on a course? We care deeply that course attendees find the atmosphere fun and engaging; we find people remember the content best when they are able to laugh and learn. Delivering these courses with smiles on our faces is the bed rock of our business, it’s who we are and who we want to be.

A cartoon depicting first aid training. One person is practising CPR while the other is monitoring vitals.

The 4JH team provides high quality training with experienced instructors. All of our instructional team are either ex-military or have worked in the medical industry. Our Health and Safety team also have extensive experience in the construction industry as leading experts in this field. Because of this, we are able to bring real world experience to your training. 

Now that you know what we do, how we make the sessions engaging and the high standard that we deliver; you’ll want to know where to find us! We’re based primarily in Southampton but can deliver our courses nationwide. If you would like to reach out to us to book an on-site course with your company please contact us today.

Meet the 4JH team.

James Hawkins is the director of 4JH training. Here he is smiling to camera forwards in a professional headshot.


Managing Director

James, the owner and MD of 4JH Ltd, has previously served in the British Army with over twenty-four years of service experience.  He is proud to say that he served as part of the Royal Engineers.

This background has allowed James to gain extensive experience in both practical and instructional roles. After leaving the military, James has worked delivering training and course development within the construction industry. Over the years he has covered all aspects of teaching, course designs, instructor development, planning and assurance. 

4JH prides itself on leading by example with a can-do attitude. Meeting all your training needs no matter whether we are providing training for local a youth group or for the construction industry.

Jenny from 4JH is one of our trainers. Here she is standing smiling to the camera.


Director and Administrator

Jenny, a Director and Administrator of 4JH Ltd, has experience in a wide range of working environments. Most recently in sales utilising her language skills but also in training and development through working as senior administrator for the DVLA in an Army Driver Training Centre. Jenny has a keen eye for detail and is looking forward to returning to the training environment. Jenny is a perfectionist that will always put the customer first, so that the students can achieve their best with minimal of fuzz.

Jay is one of our staff at 4JH. Here she is looking at the camera in a happy way.



Jay has always had a keen interest in emergency medicine from an early age, this interest grew and inspired her to join the Army and serve as a combat medic for over 10 years gaining much experience and knowledge from many deployments. Jay is currently and proudly still serves as a Reservist Medic.

Jay enjoys many outdoor activities and competes with her horses in the sport of eventing. When the rare opportunity for some time off on a sunny day is available, you will find her out on the lanes of Wales on her motorbike.

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